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Questions to Ask Stucco Painting Services

Stucco isn’t as common as wood or vinyl siding in homes across the country, but it can still require regular painting. It’s important to hire a professional who understands the unique qualities of stucco and how it needs to be painted to maintain its beauty for years to come. In this article, we’ll go over a few questions you should ask painters before hiring them for your stucco home.

Do You Have Water or Rust Stains on Your Stucco?

If you have rust or water stains on your stucco, it is likely due to moisture that has penetrated the surface. These stains can be hard to remove and will often reappear, but painting your house with high-quality thick paint can block the stains and keep them from returning for years to come.

Do You See Hairline Cracks in Your Stucco?

Hairline cracks in your stucco may not look concerning at first, but they will worsen if left unattended. These cracks allow moisture to enter the stucco and can cause structural damage if not addressed. By regularly painting your stucco, you can seal and waterproof the material, keeping moisture out and protecting it from mold and mildew.

The color of your stucco is one of the most important factors in its durability. If you decide to repaint your stucco, it’s best to choose a color that is similar to the original shade so that future touch-ups and repairs will be easy. Additionally, it’s a good idea to use a primer that is specially designed for stucco as it will improve the bonding of your new paint and help prevent future peeling and cracking.

Before any work begins, a reputable stucco painter will come to your home for a free consultation and provide a cost estimate. They’ll also be able to spot any portions of your stucco that need repair and recommend a specialist if necessary.

After a thorough cleaning and priming, the painters stucco painting services will begin by spraying the paint onto your stucco. Then, they’ll back roll, which means that they will apply a roller brush over the sprayed on paint in order to fill in the divots and low spots. Once the paint is back-rolled, it will be ready for a second coat and will be completely dry in a few days.

When hiring a professional for your stucco painting services, it’s important to get at least three or five detailed estimates before choosing a contractor. Check that they’re licensed and insured, and request references or a portfolio of previous projects going back at least five years. You’ll also want to choose a painter that specializes in working with textured materials like stucco and is experienced in painting exteriors of all types of structures, including fences, sheds, and detached garages. Make sure to also ask the painters to offer a written warranty, as this will ensure that they’ll stand behind their work. Also, be sure to read reviews on HomeGuide and on Google.

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